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Cozy Up Your Home

yellow and orange mugs sitting in a blanket by a fireplace

With the seasons changing from summer to fall, you may want to switch up your Arlington, VA apartment aesthetic. Fall is usually associated with colder weather and a more cozy feeling, so in this week’s Virginia Square Plaza Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on how you can cozy up your home in time for the season.

Extra Blankets and Pillows

You can bring a cozy feeling into your home by putting out extra blankets and pillows. A comfortable atmosphere is commonly associated with the feeling of being cozy, so having the extra fluffy items within reach can add to the coziness of your home. Not only will your home look better, but these blankets and pillows can be used for their intended function of keeping you warm and giving you a comfortable place to rest your head!

Scented Candles

As much as what you see has a profound effect on how you perceive an area, the smell can round out the atmosphere that you’re attempting to bring into your home. Scented candles are a great way to accomplish that pleasant smell. There are many scents that may invoke feelings and nostalgia of autumn, from pumpkin spice to cinnamon, apple pie, candy corn, cloves, fireside embers, gingerbread, or even hot buttered run. Lighting candles and dimming the lights can set a more relaxed mood, especially on a cold night.

Wood Furniture and Decorations

Adding a touch of wood to your apartment can add a different feel to your already cozy home. The wood lends to a rustic aesthetic, one reminiscent of a lodge in the mountains or a country farmhouse. It also adds just a touch of laid-back casual coziness! Choose some pieces of furniture and decorations with wood and spread them throughout your home.

Do you have any tips on how to make your apartment a little more cozy for the fall? Let us know by leaving a comment below so we can try it out for ourselves!