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Decorating Your Virginia Square Plaza Apartment

Virginia Square Plaza Blog, Arlington, VA  Decorate your beautiful Arlington, VA apartment before the month is through. Read on for decorating tips.

It’s easy to feel at home at your Virginia Square Plaza apartment in Arlington, VA. Make your apartment feel even more cozy and uniquely “you” by adding a couple of personal touches to your space. In today’s post we have decorating ideas to help you spruce up your space this month. We hope that you get the chance to add some personality to your apartment home soon.



Curtains are an easy way to add some texture and color to your apartment home. Hang your curtains wider and higher than your window frame to open up the room and to make your windows seem larger than they actually are. Incorporate colors that express your personality. Layer, mix-and-match panels, and switch out your curtains seasonally (heavier fabrics in the winter, lighter fabrics in the summer) for a look perfect for each month of the year.



Hang pictures of your last vacation, your favorite memories, and your best friends on your walls. Frame posters from your favorite movies, art pieces that you love, or a map. Mark the places you’ve been on a map and the places you’d like to go. Tapestries are another great way to express your personality.



Add some warmth to the room by laying down a rug or two. Layer rugs on top of each other for a textured look. Choose fabrics and patterns that complement the rest of the room. We recommend switching out your rugs seasonally. Pick reds, faux furs, and thicker fabrics for the winter. In the summer, lay down rugs in blue, green, and white.


Colorful Furniture

Sometimes having a bright blue chair or bright yellow bookcase is the best way to decorate your home. Add a focal point by painting an important piece of furniture your favorite color. Head to your local thrift store for a desk, a side table, or a stool you can paint a bright color.


Do you have any decorating tips for us? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!