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Dungeons & Dragons Basics

A twenty-sided die

Have you ever wondered how Dungeons & Dragons was played? Maybe you’ve watched Stranger Things or have stumbled upon some live-play podcasts and have wondered how it all worked. In this week’s Virginia Square Plaza Blog, we’ll share with you some of the Dungeons & Dragons basics to get you informed just in case you want to start playing the tabletop roleplaying game!


Since D&D is a game, there are some mechanics to help regulate the game. This is done by using dice. In a traditional set of dice, there are 7 different dice with varying sides. The smallest of these die is 4 sided, then 6 sides, 8 sides, two with 10 sides (one with numbers from 1 to 10, and the other for percentages), 12 sides, and finally, a 20-sided die. Depending on what you’re doing, you’ll use a different die. The smaller numbers are generally used for damage rolls (the dice dictate how much damage you do when your attack hits the target), and your most used die will be your 20-sided one. The dice dictate a lot, so hope luck is on your side!

Character Sheets

Your character sheet is your lifeblood, besides the dice. On this sheet, you’ll have a range of information that will be beneficial for your success in the game. You’ll have your character attributes, weapon damage, language proficiencies, and more! The character sheet is reference frequently, so keeping it updated will help your game experience flow better.

Role Playing

Although D&D is a game, there’s an element that works its way through the gameplay. That element is roleplaying. Although derived from traditional wargaming, D&D allows players to create a character that they control instead of an army. This presents players with the unique opportunity to embody their character, putting themselves into the character’s shoes and making decisions they would make. A lot of the fun of tabletop roleplaying games comes from letting your guard down and being vulnerable with your friends, so try it out!


Dungeons & Dragons has been around for since the 70s, with many editions having been released since it’s genesis. Invite some of your friends over to your Arlington, VA apartment and try playing today!