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Organize and Clean your Apartment

Virginia Square Plaza Blog, Arlington, VA Apartments  Tired of your cluttered, dirty apartment? Try some of our suggestions on cleaning and organizing your home!

In last month’s Virginia Square Plaza Blog, we discussed ways to clean your car. Going off that idea, today we’re going to share with you suggestions on how to organize and clean your Arlington, VA apartment to reflect your now-clean car.



More often than not, we collect and accumulate items that we used to need but that have fallen into disuse. Take time to go through your home and pinpoint unused clothes, pots and pans, or furniture. You can take a laundry basket or a trash bag around with you so you can put all the trash items or donatable items away.


Not everything needs to be thrown away, of course. Many of the items you don’t use aren’t broken or unusable, but can be donated to thrift stores or homeless shelters to be used by those who need it. By donating, you’re not only purging your house of unwanted and unused items and clothes, but you’re allowing them a second life with someone who will need them.



After you’ve taken out the unwanted objects and clothes in your house, it’s time to clean. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaning you need to do. Clean the untouched corners of your home, sanitize your refrigerator, and vacuum or mop your floors. Getting down and cleaning gives you a different look at your apartment, makes your efforts of decluttering seem more effective, and gives you a greater appreciation for the work you’ve already done. Combining these two suggestions paves the way for you to maintain the organized nature and cleanliness of your apartment.



The last thing you want to do is have all of your hard work and effort go to waste, so do your best to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Find ways to keep organized that work for you. Set rules for yourself to throw or put away loose-leaf papers you don’t need, put your shoes back on a shoe rack, or always wash your dishes immediately after you use them. Don’t neglect the little actions that you can do to prevent a dirty apartment. The feeling of coming home to a clean, spacious apartment is a great feeling, so get on it!


Did we miss any crucial tips on organizing and cleaning your apartment? Let us know by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading, and good luck cleaning!