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Practice Photography

a man under a tree with pink blossoms takes a picture of nature

Do you enjoy taking photographs? Photographs are a good way to preserve memories and capture moments that would otherwise be lost to time. There are many different methods to take photographs, like modern mobile phones and DSLR (Digital Single-lens Reflex) cameras, so we’ve decided to touch on them! In this week’s post of the Virginia Square Plaza Blog, we’re sharing different ways that you can practice your photography!

Use the Golden Hours

One of the most fickle aspects of photography is lighting, so we recommend using the hours of the day shortly after sunrise and before sunset (also known as the Golden Hours). During this time, the daylight is more red and softer than other times of the day. These hours aid your photographs by providing you with a beautiful lighting. Use the Golden Hours while you practice so that you can understand a little more about how the lighting affects your photography.


There are many things that make photographs great, and one of them is composition. The way your photos are framed can be the difference between a bad photo and a good one, or a good one and a great one. While you practice, consider how to frame your subjects. There are many different ways to frame your photographs, but one of the most common ways is by considering the Rule of Thirds. As you follow some of the basic rules of composition, you will begin to understand how to structure your frame and where to place your subjects. Go ahead and experiment today!


As tempting as it is to take the perfect picture in one try, practice does make perfect. When you’re trying to perfect your craft as a photographer, it helps to take as many photographs as possible. Doing so will help you understand how each setting of your camera works. Take many photos and try to learn from each one you take!

Do you have any photography tips? Let our Arlington, VA apartment community know some of them by leaving a comment.